elethae (elethae) wrote,

Title: The Bully, Chapter 2
Author: elethae
Fandom: AU
Warnings: M/M, slash, rough language, dark subjects
Pairing: Jared/Colin (in this chapter a feature from Viggo/Karl)
Raiting: All over NC-17
Summary: The new kid gets it
Disclaimer: It’s not true, and even if it was, I wouldn’t know about it.
Feedback: Please do. Keeps the Muse at work.

“It’s not like I give a shit where you little bastard were, but your mother gave me hell before going to work!”

Mr. Montgomery stood at the door, blocking Jared’s way inside. Jared sighed. He didn’t mean to miss the buss, he didn’t mean to take so much time walking home, there was a lot of things he didn’t mean to do today, but he had been happy. For once, something was going right. Or at least, towards a right direction. It’s not like the new kid who gets bullied every day at school so badly he would off himself if he had the courage gets a chance to actually obtain a reasonably bearable experience in high school. He was fifteen years old, he had been moving states and cities since his father left them when he was six, he had never had a girlfriend, never kissed anyone apart from his mum and never stayed at the same school more than six months, so he didn’t have any friends either. He didn’t delude himself by thinking he and Colin would “bond” during the math lessons, but when the biggest bully of the school would leave him alone, others were bound to follow his example. If not make friends, Jared would be left alone and he could finish his high school with some kind of honor. Perhaps he could land a job and live on his own, stay put long enough to meet people, make friends, have a life. Jared never talked about how he envied his brother for being able to form bonds within weeks, but Shannon wouldn’t have listened to him anyway. “You just gotta go out there” he would say, “people will like you, trust me!” Jared had always considered them to be easy words for someone who snogged the most popular girl in school within two days of arriving there.

“You weren’t in a hurry to come home earlier, so I’m guessing you’re not in a hurry now either. Don’t you dare come back before your mother comes home, or I’ll swear to God I’ll…”

That was more than enough. Jared turned away and walked to the stairs. No point arguing, he would have a black eye tomorrow, and even if Colin didn’t, other would make fun of it. He hesitated for a second after hearing the door slam shut, and walked to the neighbor door, hoping that Mrs. Weathers would be at home. After knocking on the door for ten minutes he decided to wait for his mum outside.

The nights were getting chilly, and standing outside a block of flats in the slum wasn’t really safe anyway. If the muggers didn’t get you, police would, and Jared really didn’t want to end up explaining to his mum why he was taken in. He decided to take a little walk. It would be a good few hours before his mum would get off work, so he had time to kill. He made his way towards the park nearby. He would have loved to go to café or something, but he doubted he had the money for a cup of coffee.

The park nearby didn’t have too good of a reputation, especially after dark, but Jared didn’t really care right now. He walked in through the gates that were left open by the half mad care taker and with quick steps walked to the path that took him into beneath the trees.

Because the gates were open every night, the park had become a spot for weird people to hang out. Jared had heard all kinds of rumors, but as he often found himself kicked out of the house, he really didn’t have too many choices on what to do. The park wasn’t as bad as its reputation, but it had become a dwelling place for those who wanted to avoid the public eye.

Jared wandered deeper to the park, trying to keep in the shadows and move as silent as possible. There really wasn’t anything too dangerous here, but he didn’t want to attract too much attention. Jared had learned to keep to himself and avoid contact with people. Not like his brother, who was a wiz in social affairs. Jared would have wanted to take care of his baby brother, but Shannon needed no care taking. He took care of his big brother, if anything, stepping between him and Mr. Montgomery every time the opportunity rose and trying to keep the bullies away. It wasn’t that Shannon didn’t care to intervene more; it was that he simply was too busy in his own life to take notice. And Jared wasn’t really the kind of person to whine about things.

The park was quiet, but Jared knew it wasn’t empty. He had visited it after hours enough times to know that things always went on in its dark corners and shaded green areas.

“Hey, kid.”

Jared jerked and let out a small yelp. A dark figure beneath the tree next to him had caught him off guard. He stopped for a second, but took a few steps forward trying to ignore it.

“Hey, kid!” The figure moved towards him, coming out of the shadow. Jared speeded his steps, trying to avoid contact. He wasn’t sure what the person wanted, but he really didn’t want to stay to find out.

“Hey, kid. Wait.” The figure was next to him, and reached towards him, trying to touch his shoulder. Jared dodged, and looked over his shoulder.

“I’m in a hurry.”

“Wanna earn a few bucks, kid?” The person walked next to him, not allowing him to escape. Jared took another look. The person was a thirty-something man, dark haired, blue eyed, handsome in a rough kind of way. He didn’t seem threatening, even though his eyes did measure Jared in a somewhat disturbing way.

“I’m not sucking your cock if that’s what you had in mind.” Jared said, trying to keep his voice cool.

“I’m not asking you to suck anyone’s cock, kid.”

Jared stopped, pushed his hands deeper into his pockets, and lifted his chin. The idea of earning a couple of bucks was tempting, but he didn’t want to engage into anything too suspicious.

“I’m not letting anyone fuck my ass either.” He said, firmly.

“I don’t want anyone to fuck your ass, either. Or you to fuck anyone’s ass for that matter.” The guy said, with a smile.

“No? What do you want me to do then?” Jared started to be a bit more interested. A few bucks to buy coffee and earn a set in a café lured him.

“We just want you to watch.” The guy said, and pointed towards the tree he had surprised Jared at. Jared glared at the direction, and noticed that another dark figure stood there. How he had missed the other person, he didn’t know.

“Watch what?”

“Look, my partner is a bit of an exhibitionist, all right? He likes when someone watches him. Gives him kicks, you know. You don’t need to do anything, say anything, interact in any way; all you need to do is watch. Can you do that?”

Jared frowned. He knew that the after hours park was somewhat popular among gay men, who came there at night to meet and more, and he had no doubts about what this guy wanted him to watch. He wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, and decided to pull away.

“No, thanks, man.”

“We’ll pay you.” The guy said as Jared was turning his back at him.

“I said no thanks.”

“A hundred bucks, kid.”

Jared stopped. The slowly turned back, doubtful.

“A hundred bucks? Just for watching?”

“That’s what I said.”

“Just watching? No funny stuff?”

“Unless you consider watching to be the funny stuff.”

Jared thought for a second. He could do a lot with a hundred bucks. New clothes, food, new strings for his guitar for starters. If all he had to do was watch, he could do it, right?

“Okay. But you have to pay me in advance.”

“No way, kid. What’s stopping you from walking away if I pay in advance? I’ll give you forty bucks now, and sixty after. Ok?”


“Ok. Come on, kid.”

Jared followed the guy to the shadows, keeping his distance just in case. He grabbed the bills the guy handed over and shoved them into his pocket, fondling them with his fingertips. The other man standing next to the tree was a bit older, his hair was high-way brown, he had a strong chin and blue eyes that seemed to pierce right through you.


“Hi. What’s your name, kid?” The older man asked while wrapping his arms around his partner.


“I’m Viggo. This is Karl. Now that we all have come acquainted, I think we can get started.”

“By all means.” Jared said. He leaned against the tree and tried to look like he was watching hat happened between the two men, but really focusing his eyes on the horizon.

The two men started kissing slowly. Their lips met softly at first, then opened up and tongues started to wrestle for dominance. Viggo’s hands glided up and down Karl’s sides, while Karl cupped his behind. Then Karl started to slowly band his knees and with planting small bites and kisses on Viggo’s chest and stomach he knelt in front of him.

Jared realized that he was staring with amazement.

Karl slowly undid the zipper of Viggo’s jeans and pulled them down to his ankles. Jared could see that the older mans member was fully erected. Viggo turned his eyes to Jared, with a wicked smile on his lips. Karl, unaware of this or simply ignoring it, caressed the cock before him through the fabric of Viggo’s boxers, first with his hands, then with his mouth. He pulled the cloth lower, exposing Viggo’s manhood in all it’s glory. Jared felt something strange in his stomach, but refused to acknowledge it. But when Karl closed his lips around the achingly erected flesh it became clear what the emotion was.

He was aroused by this.

Viggo moaned silently as Karl sucked his member, but his eyes never left Jared’s. It was obvious how much he enjoyed having Jared there, staring, embarrassed, confused. Jared wanted to escape, but something kept him there, stopped him from moving, and it sure wasn’t the sixty bucks he was promised.

Viggo threw his head back, sighed and his hips jerked forward. Karl let his member slide out from his mouth and wiped his lips, swallowing loud.

“You’re good, babe.” Viggo smiled, caressed his lovers cheek gently. “Can I return the favor?”

“Please.” Karl smiled, stood up and undid his belt. “But the kid doesn’t need to stay for that.”

“Oh, I think young Jared is quite enjoying this. I think he can stay.” Viggo faced the youngster. “What do you think, kid?”

“I think I want to go.” Jared mumbled. He could feel his own member stiffing, and he really didn’t want Viggo to notice. The older man seemed a bit disappointed, but shrugged all the same.

“Fine. Give him his money, babe.”

Karl approached Jared, handed a handful of bills to the youngster and nodded towards the gates of the park. “Go home kid. This isn’t a place for kids anyway, unless you wanna interact with people like us.”

Jared took a few trembling steps away, then started to run. He sprinted to the gates and stopped for a second to catch his breath.

Why his cock was still achingly stiff, he didn’t know, and quite frankly, he didn’t want to know.

That night Jared slept very uneasy, having strange dreams of Colin and the meeting he was supposed to have with him the next day. He woke up sweating and aroused, and with a strange feeling of guilt.

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