elethae (elethae) wrote,

Title: The Bully, Chapter 1
Author: elethae
Fandom: AU
Warnings: M/M, slash, rough language, dark subjects
Pairing: Jared/Colin
Raiting: All over NC-17
Summary: The new kid gets it
Disclaimer: It’s not true, and even if it was, I wouldn’t know about it.
Feedback: Please do. Keeps the Muse at work.

“Have a nice day, dear!”

Jared smiled gloomily to the cheery voice of his mothers while closing the door of their small one bedroom apartment. Where as his mother was enthusiastic about her new job that allowed them to live somewhere else than in their car, Jared wasn’t too thrilled. The new job had taken them from where he considered home to be, and he would have happily lived in the car had he had a choice. Living in a car actually meant that they were their own masters, not slaves of the bastard his mum was now dating.

Granted, Mr. Montgomery had provided his mum a job, a home, and clothes she could actually wear outside without being stared at, but when it came to the kids, Jared and his baby brother Shannon, he wasn’t as generous. They weren’t his kids, and he made damn sure that they remembered it. As Mr. Montgomery often reminded them, they were a mere nuisance that came with their mother, and if he had a say, the kids would be on the street.

Not that he treated the mother better. The new exiting job was titled “exotic dancer”, but it really meant that Jared’s mum spent her days taking her clothes off in front of sleazy fat men. “The Cotton Kitty” was a small striptease joint in the slums, where their home was as well, and by the looks of it, she was the star.

The only decent thing Mr. Montgomery ever did for the two brothers, was sign them up to a reasonably good school. That was something their mother had insisted on, even though her boyfriend didn’t see the point. “They’re never gonna become anything better than shoe polishers or junkies” was one of their new step dads favorite lines about them, but in the end he did give in and pay the small fee of getting the kids educated. Jared had no illusions about it being because of something else than keeping the kids away from home as long as possible without their mum noticing the nasty manner he treated them with. Jared had noticed that his mum was blind to Mr. Montgomery’s verbal or physical abuse, as she wanted to please the man who gave them a home and food on the table. Even if that meant that she had to strip every day to a bunch of strangers and to ignore the black eye the older of his sons had more often than Jared cared to remember. Shannon was left alone most of the time, but was because Shannon was the more athlete one, a wanna-be jock, where as Jared enjoyed his poetry and guitar playing. “That kind of stuff is what queer people do. I’m not having any fags around my flat, you got that, fuckface?” was the typical comment on his hobbies, and Jared had learned to keep his hobbies outside of the premises. Not that he had that many places to do so, as school was out of question and he didn’t have money to go anywhere else. Luckily an old lady from the next door allowed him to stay at her place from time to time to practice and to unwind from the numbing horror at home. Mrs. Weathers was a widow who didn’t mind quests, and Jared helped her with her daily chores as much as she allowed him to. Jared would have stayed the night there as well, as it was a lot nicer environment than the mattress in the kitchen corner he shared with his brother, had it not inspired his step dad into all new kinds of verbal abuse and nasty remarks.

Going to school would have been a relief from the domestic hell, had it not been for the constant bullying Jared faced every day. He didn’t have nice clothes, he wasn’t very talkative and he seriously lacked on the social skills as it was, and the fact that he was pretty smart didn’t help one bit. Shannon was a charmer; he had his ways with the girls and the boys of Nevermeade high, and he was seriously determined to become a part of the football team Nevermeade high Falcons, he didn’t have problems with anyone. People didn’t care about him not having cool clothes, or the latest gadgets, they liked him anyway. Jared on the other hand, was the odd boy out. He was the pretty one of the two, but his shyness, the constant abuse and his “gay-like” hobbies made him creep alongside the walls of the school. He hoped to go unnoticed every day, but they always found him.

Colin and his gang.

Colin was a popular guy. He could have any girl in the school, and most of them he had. He bragged about his conquests, his rich family, his good looks, his excellent life, and picked on those less fortunate than him. A few years younger Jared was his pet hate, as he never argued, allowed him to spank him with his verbal whip, hide his books, laugh at him. Jared didn’t see a point in defending himself, that would have led to another ass-kicking, and he really didn’t need another one at school. He got it from time to time anyway.

“Well hullo you there!” said the familiar voice behind him as he reached to his locker to grab a book. “I was looking for you. You almost snuck away without me noticing, didn’t you?”

“Good morning Colin.” Jared said numbly. If Colin had his go at him in the beginning of the day, that meant he could possibly stay in peace for the rest of the day. Or until lunch at least.

“Good morning sunshine. Nice to see you woke up bright and early today. Not early enough to take a shower though. You stink, man.” Colin leaned forward and pretended to sniff his hair.

“That would be my clothes.” Jared whispered.

“Damn right they would be! Here, take a coin. You could get some fresher clothes from the Salvation Army with that. Don’t try to sell your own though, even rats wouldn’t wear them.” Colin said, tossed a coin towards Jared’s face. It hit him in the eye, bounced on the floor with a kling.

Jared felt hot tears in the eye the coin hit him, but tried to fight them back, as he knew that that would lead into more laughing. Shannon was nowhere to be seen. Had he been, Colin would not have been so bold.

“Aww, did the bad coin hurt you, pointexter?” Colin nudged his sleeve. “You better not give me any fleas.”

The ring of the bell saved him from more torment, and Jared thankfully ran to the class. Perhaps Colin would find someone else to torment by the second recess.


“Hey, dummy.”

Jared had hoped that running to the school bus after school would save him from getting noticed by the bully and his gang, but no such luck. Colin stood at the gates of the school, leaning on it, his eyes fixed on his prey. His gang had disappeared though, and Jared was surprised that he even bothered talking to him part from amusing others.

“Hi, Colin.” He said with a silent voice.

“I want you to do something for me.”

“What could I possibly do for you?” Jared asked, resistant. He didn’t like the sounds of him doing any kind of favors to the biggest bully in school.

“I’m having… problems with math. Mr. Ramirez said that if I fail he’ll kick me out of the Falcons, and you know I don’t want that.” Colin took a step closer, unwillingly it seemed. “I know you are pretty good with stuff like that. So I want you to teach me.”

“Me? Teach you?” Jared was stunned.

“Yeah. Teach. And in case you are wondering what’s in it for you, I promise not to… have fun at your expense at school anymore. Don’t expect me to interfere if the others do, though. Got that?” Colin shifted his position angrily.

“No, no I… I won’t. I… I would be happy to help you. Sure. Just name the time and place and I’ll… I’ll be there.” Jared squeezed his books tighter to his chest.

“Well I can’t really be seen with the likes of you, so I can come to your place tomorrow.” Colin said, his voice disgusted.

“Not really.” Jared whispered, his hope fading. “My… my place isn’t really a… a good place to study.”

“What, your daddy gets drunk and beats you what?”

The silence made even Colin frown with a sympathetic look.

“Ok, look. You can come to mine. My parents aren’t home that much, so come by tomorrow at eight. All right? And for God’s sake, dress a bit better. I don’t live in a slum.”

Jared missed his buss because he could not move from the spot he stood on for a good half an hour. He had never been less bothered about walking home.

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